There was a time when you could count on one hand the number of people who died or recovered from cancer in Kenya,either for the lack of statistics or no one came out.As we stand now, most families have had at least one person die from cancer, recovered from cancer or has been diagnosed with cancer.The cost of cancer treatment is expensive in most parts of the word so you can imagine how bad it is in a developing country like Kenya. Faraja cancer support is a charity organisation that is working on raising funds to support cancer patients.Together with 5 other Kenyan photographers Georgina Goodwin, Paul Obuna, Mwangi Kirubi, Jeri Muchura and Aditya Shah we partnered with Faraja cancer support trust to do stories of cancer survivors.I will share with you pictures of Lawrence and Vincent who are both cancers survivors now on the road to recovery but still undergoing treatment.

– Kevin